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Here at RTP Materials Handling Limited, we can fully design and manufacture a bespoke storage or movement solution from the ground up, based entirely around your requirements which can work within a closed loop packaging system (returnable transit packaging system). Our design team will take any of your previous plans or thoughts and turn them into a complete Computer Aided Design drawing. Attention to detail enables us to identify potential flaws or issues early, before the fabrication process has begun. You will be able to see what we have planned in a full 3D colour plan before committing to fabrication. We can manufacture anything from a unique one-off, through to large production volumes.
We are able to manufacture in a wide variety of materials, including plastics, foam and metal. As we have strong links with specialist companies for other materials, we ensure the most appropriate material is used to suit your environment and product, yet still suitable and capable of providing the support, protection and durability required to maintain use. Products can be sold in their usual state i.e. soft foam, whereas some metals can be galvanised or powder coated in order to prevent rust and ensure durability.

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