RTP Materials Handling

RTP Materials Handling Limited has unrivalled knowledge of Returnable and Closed Loop packaging systems.We supply the right product for the job using materials that are suitable and capable of providing the support, protection, durability required.Working with you, we look at the flow of product through your systems and suggest ways of reducing packaging, scrap and poor movement so reducing costs.

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RTP provides a full range of plastic boxes, to meet all your requirements
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Flexible workspace storage solutions to provide efficient working environments
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We can help you protect your goods with lids that will fit on to your box
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We can provide a range of dollies and trolleys that will help you transport your boxes
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We can provide a range, that will assist you to minimize the handling and transport of your goods
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Add on Products designed to meet special requirements with your plastic boxes
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RTP Materials Handling specialises in products to meet your requirements.
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